Patient’s FAQ:

Are you accepting New Patients?

We are. You can call either location to set up an appointment to fit your needs. Most appointments will start with an initial exam and x-rays and then a treatment plan may be discussed.

Do you accept children as well?

Absolutely! Some procedures may be referred to a pediatric dentist depending on each child.

What do routine cleaning appointments include?

The average person comes every 6 months for a routine cleaning with our hygienists. Bite wing x-rays are recommended every year with a panoramic x-ray taken every 5 years. During your cleaning appointment you will also receive an exam at least every 11 months, if not every time. Some of these frequencies will be determined by your insurance company, please see your dental benefits for more information.

What insurance plans are you a provider for?

We always recommend patients check with their insurance company to make sure we are on the provider list. In the Crossville office, we only take Blue Cross Blue Shield and Delta Dental.

If I do not have insurance, do you offer any discounts?

We offer a dental savings plan for our office. It is similar to an insurance plan. This includes 2 dental exams, 1 panoramic x-ray (every 5 years), 1 set of bite wing x-rays, fluoride, and 2 dental cleanings per year. Plus additional discounts on cosmetic and preventative services. New patients can enroll at their first visit or existing patients can join the plan when they do not have insurance.

Learn more about our dental savings plan.

How do you handle people that are afraid of the dentist?

Our staff cares about you and this fear is not uncommon. As a team, we promise to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and clearly communicate information about the service that you need. We also have additional options that you can ask our team about.

If I need to go to a specialist, who do you usually refer to?

Oral Surgery: We regularly refer to Dr. Read’s office on Fox Road (865-291-1520) or East Tennessee Oral Surgery which has an office next door to us.
Endodontist: We regularly refer to Dr. Hughart’s office (865-692-2380).
Periodontics: We regularly refer to Dr. Madigan’s office (865-670-7477) or Dr. Sterrett’s office (865-681-8081).

During your office visit, Dr. Martin will discuss your options and refer you to a specialist that he feels will be a good fit for your situation.


Existing Patients

We now have a patient portal where you can view appointments for you and your family* as well as account balances. The patient portal is a new addition to our office so if you are interested please contact the office to sign up.

How do I access the patient portal?

At your next appointment, we will need an active email address. We will send you the initial email with login information to get access. After you set up your password, you can access your patient portal using the link located at the top right side of our website.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

You can go to the patient portal and click “Forgot Password.” You will need to enter your date of birth and zip code on file. Then enter a new password.

*If your family accounts are not linked in our system, then only your information will show up and not your entire family. If you would like all accounts connected, please let us know at set up.